Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here
Rules For My House

1) Be Respectful As Fuck.
2) Don’t Burn The House Down.
3) Good Vibes Only.
4) You May Spend The Night As Long As Possible But Don’t Bring Drama.
5) Don’t Break The Bong.
6) Geeky References Highly Accepted.
7) Don’t Steal.
8) No Pressure To Smoke (Or to drink).
9) Manners Is Key And Everything.
10) Don’t Break The Bong


Stilt by leothefox


Vintage “Horror” Valentines

Karen O - Rapt
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rapt // karen o

love is soft, love’s a fucking bitch
do i really need another habit like you?
i really need, do you need me too?
i believe it’s gonna leave me blue

David Bowie on tour, 1976. (Photo by Andrew Kent)

David Bowie on tour, 1976. (Photo by Andrew Kent)

Today I became my url.

And these are my Louise Bunny Ears for Halloween :)